The Ink Spotters gang


An award-winning writer and a crack squad of game industry vets.

Sean Stewart

New York Times best-selling novelist. Won an  Emmy® for online programming ... and wrote the largest story ever delivered entirely over pay phones. A dangerous man with a semi-colon and nothing left to lose. 

Ed Allard

Threw away a perfectly good job to make a game about fish. Started with Feeding Frenzy and ended as Head of Worldwide Studios for PopCap Games. Nobody knows more about what you do when you're supposed to be working.

Matthew Scott

Designs games: check. Codes games: double check. Ships games? How about titles for the franchises like Plants vs Zombies, Sly Cooper and about a dozen more. Also, he can drive a tank. Stay out of the man's parking space. 

Dev Madan

Dual threat artist and creative visionary behind games such as the Sly Cooper series and comics like Young Heroes in Love. Also: Batman. (Dev just drew him - he is not himself a night-stalking vigilante superhero who strikes fear into the hearts of evil-doers ... or is he? )

Althea Capra

Don't buy the dewy-eyed ingenue thing. She's got a degree in Cinematic Arts, made a necklace out of clocks, and received a federal grant to teach girls to code. Fandom savant: all the memes, closets of cosplay, and more ships than the British navy.


Andy Yoder

The son of a lapsed Amish - true fact! - this code ninja started programming at age 8.  Worked on Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies. None of the mysterious "accidents" around those games have ever been traced back to him.