Support FAQs


What’s an Ink Spotter?

An Ink Spotter is a story you can play! Each Ink Spotter is a hand-crafted graphic novel that has been turned into a fun casual puzzle game. Check out to learn more.

What devices are currently supported?

Ink Spotters currently run on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that can run iOS 10 (or later). For a full list, check out: We are working to expand support to more devices and platforms. Let us know at if you have a platform you’d like to see supported!

What about Android, PC, Mac, Linux?

We have nothing to announce yet, but we really hope to support more devices. Let us know at if you have a platform you’d like to see supported!

Where can I get Ink Spotter games?

Ink Spotters are available in the App Store. Here are links to the first two books (coming soon).

Why aren’t Ink Spotters free to play like so many other games?

We believe that the best way for you to enjoy Ink Spotters, and for us to be able to keep making stories for you to play, is to ask a fair price and provide a great experience for your money. Free-to-play games aren’t really free. They are designed to ‘monetize’ you by selling in-app purchases or showing you targeted advertising. We think the Ink Spotter experience is better without resorting to those techniques, and we think the price-about the same as a comic book or a latte - is fair. We hope you’ll agree!

How long does it take to solve an Ink Spotter?

A typical Ink Spotter story usually takes 2 to 3 hours to fully solve. And remember-once you finish, you have a 50-page story to read and enjoy!

How many books are available?

Check out our catalog to see what’s on offer at Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get updates on new releases!

Game Play Tips

Help! I don’t know what’s going on in the story!

That’s OK! You start each story fresh, like a detective coming to a new case. It’s common to wonder “who are these characters?” or “what’s going on here?” at the start. Keep looking for interesting clues-character names, places, or interesting elements in the artwork. As you uncover more panels, the story will come into focus until you reach that Aha! moment where it all clicks into place. That’s part of the fun!

How can I get a hint?

Tap the Map button to view the story map. Once in the map, the Hint button is in the center (where the Guess button usually is). The Hint button will show you a panel where you can find clues to unlock more of the story.

How do story threads work?

Story threads are unlocked as you find clues and words that relate to particular topics in the story. Story threads give rich depth and background to the characters and their world. You can re-read any thread you unlock by tapping on the Threads button. Any threads you haven’t unlocked by the end of the game will be unlocked once you solve the final panel.

How can I reset my progress?

In the Settings menu, there’s a button which will allow you to reset your progress. This deletes all saved game data, so only do this if you want to play the book over from the beginning!

Where can I get more books?

Currently, each Ink Spotter is its own book in the App Store. In the future, we may combine all the books into a single app.

What other books are planned for Ink Spotters?

We already have more Sherlock stories in the works and plans to open up new worlds of story in 2017.

For issues not covered here, please email us at: